We want you to get what exactly what you want as soon as possible

and while we want to maintain a viable business we do want you to pay as little as possible for it. For these reasons:

  • We don't hold a stock of pre-made leads, everything is made to order.

  • We don't accept automated payments, payment is by bank transfer only.

  • We review every order placed to make sure it is clear exactly what you want. If anything is unclear we will contact you directly before accepting payment.

By getting things right first time every time, not paying third parties and reducing wastage we keep costs to a minimum. We aim to complete your order and ship it within a week; any delay to this and you will be informed prior to us requesting payment.

Ordering process

  1. Place your order online and relax

  2. Your order will be reviewed:

    • Everythings good- an invoivce sent to your nominated email account

    • Somthing doesn't make sense - you will be contacted by email or 'phone

  3. Make payment by bank transfer (details are provided on the invoice)

  4. On reciept of payment your products will be manufactured and a shipping confirmation email containing your Aus Post tracking number sent.

  5. Enjoy!


Lead length (because size can matter)

The length of our leads is measured from where the strapping joins to the clasp to the front of the handle loop. That is to say a 1m lead would have a total length equal to:

  • length clasp + length of the handle loop (17cm) + ordered length (1m)

Some pursuits have exacting requirements where equipment may be subject to scrutiny, should this be the case then please contact us and we can work together to make you a line that meets any regulations.


Lead/line material

Synthetic leather offers several advantages over traditional materials (leather, cotton/synthetic webbing) often used for long lines/leads:

  • Is stronger and lighter than leather

  • Resists knoting/tangling

  • Does not adsorb water / change weight

  • Is less abrasive than cotton or synthetic webbing alternatives

  • Requires little to no maintinance (wipe clean) and no 'breaking in'

  • Is resistant to snagging on vegitation


We offer lines/leads in two types of Australian made synthetic leather strapping, Standard and Ultra Feel.

Standard strapping is avalible in a wide range of colours of most of which, due to the pigments used and finishing process applied during manufacture have a smooth satin finish.

Ultra Feel strapping is a newer product avalible in a restricted number of colours (Black, Tan, Sky Blue and Red) all of which have a matt finish. Compared to Standard strapping Ultra Feel strapping is slightly more flexible and has enhanced 'hand feel', feeling more 'grippy'.


Custom orders

Everything is made to order but if you can't see what you want just get in touch. Wheather it's just a simple tweak, like a ring added to a handle, or a whole new design we're more than happy to work with you to get you what you want/need.


Bulk orders / wholesale

We offer substantial savings on bulk orders and welcome enquires from clubs, trainers, Vet centres and other potential resellers. Please get in touch to discuss priceing.


Still in the dark or can't see what you want?

Contact us here we'd love to help.