Puppy Training and Socialisation

From $75 p/h

Welcoming a puppy into your life (and home) is a joyous prospect but with so many things to consider and to try and get right it can be a daunting time.

USAR+ training methods can be safely used with the very youngest of puppies. Because of this training and reinforcing appropriate behaviours like where to toilet, where to settle, what to (and what not to) chew can start as soon as your puppy arrives home, setting you on a path to sucess.


Equally important is socialisation. It is widely understood that early socialisation is vital to the development of your puppy, what socialisation actually is often less well understood. Far from simply letting puppies play together and meet other dogs, socialisation should be considered as the sum product of your dogs formative experiences; it forms the basis of how they will view and respond to the world for years to come. Appropriate socialisation helps produce a well balanced, confident and calm dog, inappropriate socialisation can result in undesirable behavioural issues. Knowing what to do and when is key to aiding your puppies sucessful development.

USAR+ understand the impact that appropriate and successful early socialisation and training will have on you and your dogs quality of life for many years to come. We provide coherent and easy to follow training and socialisation plans for puppies and young dogs and work with owners to equip them with the skills they require to implement these effectively.