Leads, the most basic of training equipment, are used daily but quality and material selection of these items is often overlooked; commonly used materials are often abrasive, knot and tangle easily and soil readily. Frustrated with the alternatives we set out to make a high quality, attractive and above all practical alternative suitable for our everyday use. We consulted with fellow trainers to develop a range of products which we now offer for sale.

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All of our long lines and leads are constructed from the highest quality Australian made synthetic leather along with marine grade stainless steel components to produce what we feel are the best products available at a price that is affordable. 

Made to order in a wide range of colours, configurations and finishes, all fabricated by hand in Perth (WA), our lines and leads are designed and constructed to provide many years of service whilst continuing to perform just as they did the day they were first purchased. We genuinely hope that these are the last leads you will ever buy.

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