About US&R+

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The concept behind USAR+ was borne from experience, as a search and rescue dog trainer/handler, and through the realisation that many of the techniques and exercises used to train reliable working dogs can be applied to training pet dogs to better function under the demands of the urban environment.

USAR+ dog training is designed to empower owners and their dogs by teaching the skills needed to lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives together. This is accomplished using training techniques and exercises proven to develop both the capability of the dog and the training/handling ability of the owner; the emphasis is on teamwork, engagement, focus and fun.

USAR+ training develops confident, reliable, engaged, and above all happy dogs (and handlers).​

All USAR+ training is reward based using positive reinforcement, no punishment or aversive methods are used. So whatever your requirements; one to one training, group training, walk and train, or a combination of such services, USAR+ can tailor a package suitable to you and your dogs immediate and ongoing needs. Get in touch to start your rewarding USAR+ training journey.