Behavioural Services

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dog behaviour

Behavioural issues represent a broad spectrum of behaviours that may range in severity from inconvenient nuisance to debilitating through to downright unsafe.


Serious issues may have deep rooted causes and require the attention and expertise that only a specialist veterinarian behaviouralist can provide; others can be effectively dealt with using a systematic training approach and incorporating changes to the dogs routine and environment.

Urban Stimulation and Recreation Dog Training take behavioural issues seriously and understand the impact these have on you and your dogs quality of life. Our aim is simple, to direct you towards the most appropriate source of assistance for you and your dog. In cases where solutions can be offered they will be, when you will be better catered for elsewhere I will let you know.

USAR+ have worked effectively with clients to instigate training recommendations made by behavioural specialists; turning training recommendations into coherent, easy to follow training plans and equipping owners with the skills required to implement them effectively.