US&R+ Training Overview

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Searching For Fun....

Ever wanted to try Search and Rescue? US&R+ provide a flexible modular training programe aimed specifically at the recreational pet owner, "Searching For Fun".

Select from three different search disciplines; Tracking, Area Search and Disaster Search. Learn and train key skills in the four pillars of effective search work; Agility, Obedience, Direction and Search. Develop at your own pace in a supportive, fun and inclusive group environment to "Be the best that you can be".

US&R+ dog training is designed to empower owners and their dogs by teaching the skills needed to lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives together. This is accomplished using a unique approach designed to develop both the capability of the dog and the training/handling ability of the owner; the emphasis is on teamwork, engagement, focus and fun.

US&R+ training programs develop confident, reliable, engaged, and above all happy dogs (and handlers), and are designed to:

  • Develop the dogs physical ability

Low impact, (technical) agility exercises teach body awareness and control, help build confidence and promote focus within and between dog and handler. Skills learnt are used to build both close quarter (obedience/control) and response at distance behaviours.

  • Develop the dogs mental ability

Training that allows a dog to make choices results in a dog that is able to make the 'right' choice when faced with real world distractions. Training is incremental, dogs and handlers are set up to succeed, stretching their ability in a controlled manner.

  • Develop focus, drive and engagement

Training goals are accomplished using games where the dog is rewarded for participation and further rewarded for success; building drive (to work and succeed) and focus (on handler and task) leading to levels of engagement that enable real world distractions to be over come.

Early training is conducted in controlled low distraction environments, and proofed later in the real world where we work toward off lead reliability. We tutor owner/handles on how taught behaviours, such as directional control, can be used to their advantage in the real world. US&R+ teaches owner/handlers a different way to view the environment and how to exploit it as a source of reward for their dogs. 

All US&R+ training is reward based using positive reinforcement, no punishment or aversive methods are used. So whatever your requirements; group training, one to one training, walk and train, or a combination of such services, US&R+ can tailor a package suitable to you and your dogs immediate and ongoing needs. Get in touch to start your rewarding US&R+ training journey; the journey of a lifetime.