Same light weight and compact size as our standard range but with superior hand feel


Ultra Feel lines offer all the benifits of our standard high quality strapping in terms of strength, durability and ease of care but are noteably more supple resulting in unsurpassed 'hand feel' resulting in a beauitifully tactile end product. All Ultra Feel lines have a matt finish and as a result are slightly more 'grippy' than our standard range.


As with out standard lines we only use 316 (marine) grade stainless steel components along with high quality finishing products to produce what we feel are the best products avalible at a price that is afordable.


Fabricated by hand in Perth (Western Austalia) our lines / leads are built tough using local and imported components.


Why synthetic leather?

Synthetic leather, widely used in the equestrian industry, offers several advantages over traditional materials (leather, cotton/synthetic webbing) often used for long lines/leads. Namely it:


  • Is stronger and lighter than leather
  • Resists knoting/tangling
  • Does not adsorb water / change weight
  • Is none abrasive
  • Requires little to no maintinance (wipe clean) and no 'breaking in'
  • Is resistant to snagging on vegitation


Why 316 stainless steel?

316 (marine) grade stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for use in salt water environments.  We use only 316 grade hardware, that you can see, and 316 graded rivets that you can't. Why?


  • Unlike plated or coated steel solid 316 will both look good, and function well even when scratched/abraded/chipped.
  • Our solid 316 stainless steel rivets will not rust or weaken as nickle plated rivets are prone to.


Hand made?

Yes, made by hand. Every lead / line is made to order and carefully assembled and constructed by a person (me) in Perth WA.


Local and impoted components?

The lead/line strapping is manufactured in Australia, rivets are sourced from the USA (likely manufactured in China), stainless steel harware and finishing products (likely manufactured in China) are sourced from distributors in my local area (<5km from the point of fabrication).


Our leads and lines are designed and constructed to provide many years of service whilst continuing to perform just as well as they did the day they were first purchased. We genuinely hope that these are the last leads you will ever buy.

Ultra Feel 5m x 13mm long line

  • Super strong, lightweight, flexible these lines do not adsorb water nor retain dust/dirt, beautifully tactile they are smooth to the touch and none abrasive. Unlike cotton or synthetic webbing they resist knotting and are virtually maintinance free requiring no breaking in or on-going maintinance; simply wipe down with a damp cloth to restore/clean.


    Constructed using 316 grade stainless steel rivets and finished with a durable rubberised sheath these lines feel and look great. Avalible in a range of colours and with a choice of clasp types. Comes standard with a 17cm long hoop handle (variations welcome by special order).