316 grade stainless steel bolt clasp. The 'classic' dog lead clasp. The small bolt clasp, only suitable for 13mm width lines and leads, is lightweight yet strong and secure, weighing only 27g with an 8mm opening. The medium bolt clasp fits either 16mm or 13mm wide lines and leads, weighs 46g and has a 10mm opening. Select clasp type in the appropriate field when ordering leads and lines.

Bolt clasp

SKU: 632835642834572
  • High quality solid 316 grade stainless steel, not plated or coated, this clasp will not rust and is suitable for prolonged contact with salt water. This clasp is provided at no additional cost on any clasp bearing 13mm line or lead.

  • This product does not ship separately and can only be purchased as an option when buying a line / lead.